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Growing A Mycelial Army Of Eco-Entrepreneurs
Start Your Journey From Aspiring Eco Entrenepreur To Regenerative Founder
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Our mission is to inspire and support an army of eco entrepreneurs to build eco startup companies that are founded on a new Regenerative blueprint, in order to secure a truly sustainable society that will thrive for millennia.

What We Offer You

Solve Earth is a community of aspiring Eco-Entrepreneurs. Open to all, there are no entry criteria other than:

A passion for environmental entrepreneurship and innovation.

An ability to take initiative and have fun!

Become An Eco-Entrepreneur to Protect & Restore the Natural World

Are you frustrated that governments, large corporations, the law and charities have not moved quickly enough to protect our world? Are you disillusioned with traditional sustainability career paths mired in greenwashing that lack the impact to make a real and lasting change?

Find out how the power of eco-entrepreneurship enables new eco-startup businesses to scale at an exponential pace, so that solutions move faster than our escalating environmental problems to create real impact.

Join A Virtual Community Of Co-Creators

You can’t do this alone. Entrepreneurship is tough. Being a part of the Solve Earth Community will help you identify the right problems to solve and find the right people for you to team up with. We have your back and so will the community and your team.

Join Us As An Explorer

You don’t need to create or join a startup when you join. Our community is perfect for those who simply want to dip their toes in and find out what environmental sustainability innovation, entrepreneurship and eco-startups are all about. Join us to grow and explore freely at your own pace.

You Don’t Need A Business Idea

You don’t need to have an idea for a startup to join us. You can join with an idea, but in fact we prefer that you come fresh! You don’t need any qualifications or skills either. We welcome EVERYBODY. We will all learn and co-create together.

Build The Foundations Of A New World Economy

What?.. Why? Because true environmental sustainability needs more than just green capitalism - it needs to be baked into the DNA of our new eco-startup companies to ensure we take care of people and nature with the same zeal we protect financial profits. 

We achieve this by incorporating as FairShares Commons companies and this allows us to operate as a powerful ecosystem of shared value. We know, it sounds complicated! See About Us to learn more. For now, know that you get to be part of a bold new world of economic innovators as part of the deal too!

Become An Eco Startup Founder

Protect and restore nature, people and society by starting your own business. Our startups have true sustainability baked into their DNA by using a unique multi-stakeholder legal foundation, progressive governance systems, team communications and advanced developmental programmes for individuals.
No experience necessary!
🚀 Start, develop or support an eco startup within Solve Earth
🌱 Join a growing community of eco entrepreneurs
💻 Develop flexibly & remotely in your own time
🌍 Sustainability entrepreneurship & innovation experience through action
🛠️ Ongoing mentorship, support and weekly workshops in our virtual studio
🎓 Courses designed to turn thoughts and ideas into action
How To JoinWatch Introduction
Solve Earth is open to all and there are no entry criteria other than:

A passion for sustainable innovation.
An ability to take initiative and have fun!


Eco Entrepreneur Starter Pack

Dip your toes in and get a taster of environmental innovation and entrepreneurship.

Find out what problem areas excite you and where you fit in.
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  • Ever taken an opportunity on a whim and it turned out to to be more than you could have expected? That’s what Solve earth was for me. In a few weeks I worked on an amazing project, met passionate and talented people, and learnt new skills and concepts which have tremendously helped me develop.

  • The content presented in the course thus far is really building a strong
    foundation of not just a business plan, but specifically a green eco-business
    plan and I don’t think that can be obtained anywhere else on the internet at
    this point.

    UoG Business School Student
  • The chief instructor, Gareth is a really convincing and motivating speaker,
    and he has opened my ideas to why the core idea behind Solve.Earth is so
    effective. The overall feel of his lessons is one of realistic optimism.

    Psychology Graduate
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