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Beyond Sustainability - How To Build Regenerative Eco Startups

Solve Earth is a community of aspiring eco-entrepreneurs

"Our mission is to inspire and support an army of eco entrepreneurs to build eco startup companies that are founded on a new regenerative blueprint, in order to secure a truly sustainable society that will thrive for millennia."

Find out how to protect and restore nature and society by starting your own business

No experience necessary. If you are curious you are welcome!


  1. Introduction to the Solve Earth community, mission, vision and methodologies. HOW we can ensure society achieves sustainability and regeneration using the power of entrepreneurship, technology and new business forms.
  2. Find out how to JOIN the community and be in our first 2021 cohort.
  3. Q&A Session
  4. Social Afterparty (Online)


We are always looking for new and innovative ways to create and interact. After the presentation we would like to invite attendees to join us in a unique virtual space to connect and socialise. We think you will enjoy it!

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Why Solve Earth Was Created

The natural world and natural resources are being damaged or consumed at such a rate that society has a limited runway left to avert collapse.

1.Nearly all products and services are currently environmentally unsustainable. Therefore, there is a need for nearly all products and services to be replaced with innovative sustainable alternatives, and for entirely new products and services that accelerate the transition to sustainability.

2.The economic system places priority on generating concentrated wealth and power at the expense of the natural world, wellbeing for all, and the higher purpose of society. Therefore, there is a need for new businesses with a modified foundation that enables a fairer share of wealth and power across all stakeholders, in order to rebuild the economic system into one that truly values nature, people and purpose.

3.Technology and tech-startups accelerate the outcomes of the economic system. Therefore, there is a need for new businesses that use the awesome scale and power of technology to protect and regenerate the natural world at exponential pace, in order to secure a truly sustainable human society that will thrive for millennia.

Our startups have true sustainability baked into their DNA by using a unique multi-stakeholder legal foundation called the FairShares Commons, progressive governance systems and team communications, and advanced developmental programmes for individuals.

Come help us create a much better future for everybody.

How to start building your own eco-startup business in 2021

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Subscribe to join our community of eco entrepreneurs

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Complete the complimentary 8 week intensive onboarding course starting Mon 25th Oct 2021

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Where is this located?

We are a virtual-first community - all cohort onboarding courses will be 100% online. This means that you can join us and participate from anywhere in the world. Once joined, you will gain access to the community portal which will allow you to explore, communicate and interact with other members of the community. Our workshops and collaboration takes place in our online virtual studio.

What will I be doing?

At Solve Earth we believe strongly in taking action. You will learn by doing and working in small teams and exploring problem areas that excite you. During the 4 Week onboarding and beyond we will be running a once weekly workshop which will provide you with content, learning and experience from the startup world, problem-scaping, FairShares Commons ecosystem design, sustainability entrepreneurship and innovation.

Our members believe in education through community collaboration, co-creation and co-design. We know there are no gurus and that no individual has all the answers. We primarily learn from each other through action, content creation and knowledge sharing. You will have the freedom to co-create our community and shape the direction of our shared innovation journey together. All of our members have the power to govern their own community by having a voice and real power to shape decision making.

When will the workshops be and what happens if I can't attend?

Currently our workshops are on Monday evenings. (London, UK timezone) 

(+ an optional social session on Thursdays)

We understand that not everyone will be able to attend each workshop. In order to complete the onboarding course you must attend at least 50% of the workshops. 

What are the costs and what do they get me?

The Solve Earth community membership is £10 per month.

This will provide you with access to the Solve Earth community portal where you will be able to connect with other members of the community, join groups of individuals passionate about exploring and solving similar problem areas, share knowledge and experience, all with the intent of finding your founding team and starting your journey to developing your eco startup. 

While your subscription is active you will get access to future workshops and events as well as mentorship and support to help you design, develop and scale your eco startup. The Solve Earth community portal will also contain education materials and knowledge sharing provided by us, other members of the community and you.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

The 4 week onboarding will be complimentary.

When does the onboarding start?

The starting date of our next community cohort onboarding will be Mon 13th Sep 2021.

Something else?

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us

Additionally you can watch our Beyond Sustainability - How To Build Regenerative Eco Startups introductory video or join our next event.
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