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How To Build Truly Sustainable Eco - Startups

True sustainability is baked into the DNA of our startups by using a unique foundation.

Solve Earth eco-startups will be able to access resources from Solve Earth because we operate a unique business model of shared equity. This unique business model is made possible by a new incorporation foundation called the FairShares Commons

A Co-operative with added Rocket Fuel 

FairShares Commons startup companies have an incredibly flexible incorporation structure that combines the best elements of for-profit, non-profit and charity models together. Our startups combine the shared value of co-operatives and add the full thruster rocket fuel of a for-profit company without limits.

Shared Ownership Model

The FairShares Commons incorporation structure is the magic X factor that is required to ensure a company is truly environmentally sustainable from the foundation up, by aligning incentives across all stakeholders with shared ownership.

Shared Value but YOU are in Control

Shared ownership does not reduce control. You will retain control of your startup at all times. This is made possible with different equity types in the FairShares Commons and prevents the abuse of power by a single powerful stakeholder – e.g by an investor or co-founder.

Billion-dollar Zebras, not Unicorns

The FairShares Commons incorporation does not slow down growth or limit the size of a company. If a unicorn is a billion-dollar disruptive startup, Solve Earth eco-startups will be zebras - billion dollar innovative collaborations that combine mission and financial profits into an intertwined inseparable thread. A zebra would be a horse without stripes. Black AND White, not Black OR White. 

Incentivised Teams

Aligned incentives among all stakeholders to enable a focus on the mission of the company and in generating profits simultaneously without one compromising the other even when under challenging financial situations or other existential threats. The mission is mission critical.

Self Governing Organisations

The FairShares Commons enables the most advanced form of individual communication and company organisation: truly flat hierarchies of self-managing teams where every individual is empowered to bring their whole selves to their role and has the power and autonomy to act without fear.

A New Economic System

Most importantly of all, the FairShares Commons incorporation enables companies to start building the foundations of a new economic system for the 21st and 22nd century that enables not just environmental sustainability but environmental regeneration combined with financial regeneration and social regeneration. This is entirely compatible with our current system and will enable Green Capitalism to evolve into the new economic paradigm that will build the basis for humanity to thrive in the long term.

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