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Solve Earth Introduction - Beyond Sustainability - How To Build Regenerative Eco Startups

How to join our community of aspiring eco-entrepreneurs to build new businesses that regenerate nature and society for a better future

About this event

Solve Earth is a community of aspiring eco-entrepreneurs

"Our mission is to inspire and support an army of eco entrepreneurs to build eco startup companies that are founded on a new regenerative blueprint, in order to secure a truly sustainable society that will thrive for millennia."

Find out how to protect and restore nature and society by starting your own business

No experience necessary. If you are curious you are welcome!


  1. Introduction to the Solve Earth community, mission, vision and methodologies. HOW we can ensure society achieves sustainability and regeneration using the power of entrepreneurship, technology and new business forms.
  2. Find out how to JOIN the community and our next community cohort onboarding which starts in January 2022.
  3. Q&A Session
  4. Social Afterparty (Online) + optional games


We are always looking for new and innovative ways to create and interact. The presentation will be in a unique virtual space to connect and socialise. We think you will enjoy it! note: it only works on laptops/desktop computers - not on phones

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