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Looking for short-term project help from fresh talent to accelerate your eco-startup? We find interns that are passionate about sustainability. You get help and they get valuable experience at virtually no cost to you.

Find Your Virtual Intern

We filter our candidates to make sure that you are getting the most appropriate person for the project. Whether you are looking for a candidate with specific skills or experience or an enthusiastic generalist. All are passionate about environmental sustainability and social impact.
Remote & Flexible Help
Passionate sustainability enthusiasts
Skilled or generalist help
Candidates matched to your projects
Local (UK) based or international interns
Potential future employees
Interns gain experience and you get a helping hand

The Process

Register and tell us what projects you have ongoing

Let us know what projects you have and what help you need and we will distribute the details to our candidates (without identifying your company)

We find interns that match

We vet our candidates to find one that matches your project requirements and mission

Preview your Intern

We will give you their general description prior to you accepting the lead so you can say yay or nay prior to payment for their contact details

Pay Fee


Meet your new intern

After you pay we connect you directly to the intern so they can help you with your projects right away

Money back guarantee

If your intern does not start we refund 100% of the fee -  If the intern does not successfully complete at least half of the virtual internship duration we refund 50% of the fee - No questions asked
Takes 15 mins
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