Eco-Entrepreneur Online Foundation Course Module1

Intensive, expert guided online course to take your first steps to become a pioneering eco-entrepreneur. Create an idea to solve an environmental problem and create a new eco-startup company. Suitable for novices and those with more experience alike.

FREE 4 Week Module



2 Module Course

  • The 12 week Foundation Course is split into 2 modules:
    • Module 1 takes just 4 weeks to complete and is FREE
    • Module 2 takes 8 weeks to complete
  • Choose when you are ready to enrol in Module 2
  • Work in your own time, from anywhere, delivered online
  • Join the community of aspiring eco-entrepreneurs to collaborate together on your ideas
  • 4+8 case studies on real eco-startup companies from around the world

Suitable For Novices

  • You don't need a degree
  • You don't need work experience
  • Starts at the pre-idea creation stage
  • All you need is a positive attitude and enthusiasm to learn!

Mentor Feedback

  • Submit your weekly lesson work online
  • Monthly group feedback call included with Module 2
  • Optional Mentor Feedback Package of 6x 1hour calls can be purchased separately for individual enhanced guidance

A practical entrepreneurial course to build your eco-startup company

  • Can be completed alongside university or college studies, or even a full-time job
  • A practical guide to building your own green business; not an academic qualification
  • Uniquely future-oriented entrepreneurial course, that shows you the enormous potential of emerging opportunities in eco-tech and eco-startup companies
  • Examples of previous business ideas include: sustainable women's clothing brand, home goods made of recycled plastic, and a plastic-free food deli
  • Complete the course (Module 1 & 2) to access the full range of SolveEarth support services:
    • Access to investor networks and funding
    • Industry Experts
    • Inner Circle Community
    • Preferential access to events and eco-hackathons to win funding

Customer Testimonials

"The content presented in the course thus far is really building a strong foundation of not just a business plan but specifically a green, eco-business plan and I don't think that can be obtained anywhere else on the internet at this point."

Hatmah, 20
UoG Business School student

"The chief instructor, Gareth, is a really convincing, and motivating speaker, and he has opened my eyes to why the core idea behind Solve.Earth is so effective. The overall feel of his lessons is one of realistic optimism."

Samuel, 26
Psychology graduate

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