Services for Beginners

You're curious about becoming an eco-entrepreneur or you already decided and you are at the beginning of your journey. You can start the Online Intro Course, sign up for a two week crash course in Bali, or get 1-1 mentoring via video call!

Intro Course Online

Short course to become an eco-entrepreneur. Zero experience needed. Weekly bite-size lessons you can complete at your own pace. Easy monthly payments. More information about the course here.

Bali Crash Course

Tackle a developing world sustainability problem and create a new solution in one week. You will aim to solve, test and deliver a real business idea that can solve a real problem. 

1-1 Video Call Mentoring

The best way to learn faster is to talk to a mentor to help you clear away the roadblocks. Get assistance from an eco-entrepreneur as and when you need it from our mentoring service.


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