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Solve.Earth is an academy whose purpose is to turn you into an eco-entrepreneur. You can create a new eco-business that offers products and services that are kinder to the environment. We organise hackathons, workshops, and courses on how to create your own eco-business to solve a particular environmental problem. All types of green businesses can be created by Solve.Earth entrepreneurs from the boutique shop that uses waste to create new fashion products, to radical new advanced technologies that can help repair and restore environmental damage.

Our entrepreneurs come from a wide variety of backgrounds: from high school graduates, to university graduates, to those with and without work experience, to those with or without a tech background. We want to bring everyone with an interest in environmental stewardship together from hipsters to techies to mums to activists to the common man or woman on the street. Everyone with an interest in how to create new sustainable eco-businesses is welcome. Our key philosophy is that eco-businesses can achieve the twin goals of a healthy environment while also making a healthy profit at the same time. Profit enables eco-businesses to scale and make a big impact.

Participants want to become eco-entrepreneurs and leaders in the coming age of environmentally-friendly sustainable business. Together we will clean and green the planet by creating innovative new business ideas and solutions to protect our shared future.

Healthy Planet - Healthy People - Healthy Profit

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