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Solve Earth is a community of aspiring eco entrepreneurs

Our Mission Is To Inspire And Support An Army Of Eco Entrepreneurs To Build Eco Startup Companies That Are Founded On A New Regenerative Blueprint, In Order To Secure A Truly Sustainable Society That Will Thrive For Millennia

Our Core Philosophies

Real Impact for the Environment

No greenwashing. Only businesses that actually make a positive difference to the environment.

Sustainability in our DNA

We create projects with environmental sustainability baked into their foundations.

Regenerative Startups

Startups that not only stop damaging the environment, but eventually aim to restore the damage done and regenerate what was lost before.

Rapid Experimentation

Lean development and rapid experiments to get real-world feedback on what works and what doesn't work to build real solutions to a problem quickly.

Progressive Working Environments

We believe our startups should follow the same working philosophy we have here at Solve Earth - work to live, not live to work! Remote working, flexibility, autonomy and taking care of yourself and your team at all times.

Productive Activism

We believe in change by producing a new future and showing it, not telling people what to do. We are troublemakers for the greater good through the production of new products and services. 

Guidance, not teaching

We believe in collaboration, co-creation and learning from each other. There are no gurus. You will learn primarily with the community and your team through action and knowledge sharing.

Self-Replicating Community

You will be a central part of expanding the community and helping others to join and take part. We grow together with the help of all members. 

Work On What You Care About

No body should spend their life working on things they don't really care about. Ignite your full potential by working on the things you deeply care about and watch your capabilities get turbocharged.

Scale & Profit to Create Real Impact

In order to achieve high impact, projects must be self-sufficient by being in a large enough market to generate healthy revenues and profit. Profits = Scalability = Impact.


The best ideas come from the combination of unique minds and everyone has something valuable to contribute regardless of background.


We are a living breathing organism. Not just a business. By taking care of all stakeholders we become a powerful adaptive, cooperative ecosystem of businesses working together to amplify our impact.

Why Solve Earth was Created

The natural world and natural resources are being damaged or consumed at such a rate that society has a limited runway left to avert collapse.
Nearly all products and services are currently environmentally unsustainable. Therefore, there is a need for nearly all products and services to be replaced with innovative sustainable alternatives, and for entirely new products and services that accelerate the transition to sustainability. 
The economic system places priority on generating concentrated wealth and power at the expense of the natural world, wellbeing for all, and the higher purpose of society. Therefore, there is a need for new businesses with a modified foundation that enables a fairer share of wealth and power across all stakeholders, in order to rebuild the economic system into one that truly values nature, people and purpose.
Technology and tech-startups accelerate the outcomes of the economic system. Therefore, there is a need for new businesses that use the awesome scale and power of technology to protect and regenerate the natural world at exponential pace, in order to secure a truly sustainable human society that will thrive for millennia.

What we Offer


Regenerative Entrepreneurship
Online Learning & Action Workshops
8 Week Onboarding Course
8 Week Buildout Sprints
Ongoing Mentorship & Support
Weekly advanced workshops & 1-to-1 sessions


Virtual First, Physical Second
Community Platform for open knowledge sharing & feedback
Virtual Studio for enhanced social co-creation
Ambitious Like-Minded Peer Action
A safe environment to collaborate
Co-Designed & Self-Replicating
Co-Facilitated Learning

New Organisations

Regenerative Blueprint
New Business Incorporations e.g. Fairshares Commons and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations
Multi-Stakeholder Wealth & Power Sharing
Dynamic Team Governance
Individual Development (Best Possible Self)


Solve Earth Founded
Solve Earth Online Course Experimentation
Royal College of Art Hackathon + Greater London Hackathons
Virtual Internship During Covid Pandemic
Partnership with the Evolutesix Evoluter
May 2021
Virtual Community Launch
May 2021 - Present
Ongoing Community Cohort Onboarding

Our Team

Gareth Thompson
Daneel Minev

Community Principles

I. Sustainability First

Our members create companies that have environmental sustainability at the very heart of their mission.

II. Profit = Impact

Our members search for problems and solutions that are in a large enough market to generate healthy revenues and profits for self-sufficiency, scalability and maximum positive impact.

III. Scientific Truth

Our members always accept the best available scientific evidence when formulating their innovative products and services.

IV. Beyond Sustainability

Our members aim to build companies that not only satisfy the most ambitious environmental sustainability standards and certifications; they aim to go beyond and exceed them to achieve true regenerative status.

V. Continuous Improvement

Our members aim to continuously improve all aspects of their startup companies in sustainability standards and in the quality of their products and services in order to truly delight their customers.

VI. Honesty

Our members will always be truthful about the true and comprehensive environmental impact of their innovative products & services. ZERO greenwashing.

VII. Multistakeholder Care

Our members aim to build startup companies that take care of all stakeholders equally to amplify cooperation to ensure everyone gets a slice of a much bigger pie.

VIII. Co-created Community

Our members have the freedom to co-create our community and shape the direction of our shared innovation journey together.

IX. Self Governing Community

Our members have the power to govern their own community by having a voice and real power to shape decision making.

X. Co-created Learning

Our members believe in education through community collaboration, co-creation and co-design. We know there are no gurus and that no individual has all the answers. We primarily learn from each other through action, content creation and knowledge sharing.

XI. Self Replicating

Our members play a central role in expanding the community by finding and helping other aspiring eco-entrepreneurs to join and take part. We grow our community together with the help of all members.

XII. Co-ownership

Our members have co-ownership of all Intellectual Property they have created with Solve Earth and all other members that were involved in that specific creation process. We ensure that all members’ contributions are recognised, protected and fairly rewarded.

XIII. Productive Activism

Our members believe in change by producing a new future and showing it- not telling people what to do. We are troublemakers for the greater good by producing new products and services.

XIV. Diverse

Our members come from diverse professions, cultures, backgrounds, educational levels and places. We believe that the best ideas come from the combination of uniquely different viewpoints and everyone has something valuable to contribute regardless of background, skills or ability level.

XV. Rapid Experimentation

Our members don’t get bogged down discussing theory all day every day; they take action by building experiments to get real world feedback on what works and what doesn’t work to build real solutions to a problem quickly.

XVI. Trust

Our members put trust at the heart of every relationship and consider trust to be more valuable than money to build a community where everyone feels safe, respected, heard and valued.

XVII. Soul Work

Our members only work on problems and projects they truly, deeply care about. With our passions ignited, our capabilities become turbocharged faster than we thought was even possible.

XVIII. Inspiring

Our members aim to solve tough problems to inspire themselves, their community and future generations of eco-entrepreneurs to show that what was considered an impossible dream can be made into reality.

XIX. Team Care

Our members form teams that work to live, not live to work! Members take care of their teams and take care of themselves by ensuring safe and healthy working environments that enable flexible, autonomous work that fits the team member e.g remote working.

XX. Fun

Our members understand that working hard on their dreams to achieve personal fulfillment is vital, but they also understand that having a good time, playing games, letting their hair down and having fun is the only way to truly love your work. We are free to be ourselves and have a great time.
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